OBD2 Codes

Standard OBD2 Codes, Fault Codes or DTC (Data Trouble Codes) are defined so that diagnostic scanners can read and decode them.
They have a standard format, for example P02A7

The first letter indicates the family of the Fault Code which includes:

P: Powertain
C: Chassis
B: Body
U: User Network

The first digit indicates of the fault code is a generic or manufacturer fault:

0: Generic
1: Manufacuter

The last three digits indicate an incremented number which includes hexadecimal numbers (0 to 9) and letters (A to F). For P family codes, sub-families are defined using the first digit.

0, 1 and 2: Air/Fuel Mixture
3: Ignition System
4: Auxiliary Emissions
5: Engine Idling
6: Onboard Computer and Ancillary Outputs
7, 8, and 9: Transmission Gearbox
A, B and C: Hybrid Propulsion

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