P0042 - HO2S Heater Control Circuit (Bank 1, Sensor 3)

About Trouble Code P0042

When there is a problem between the engine’s computer and the oxygen sensor bank 3 sensor 1 a trouble code P0042 will surface. The heating element that is located here is required for accurate sensor reading.

Symptoms of Trouble Code P0042

There really aren’t any physical symptoms of trouble code P0042. The check engine light will be triggered and may possibly flash when the engine’s computer finds that it can not control the heated oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 3.

Causes of Trouble Code P0042

The most common cause of trouble code P0042 is a sensor failure. There could also be an open or a short in the sensor wiring. The sensor wiring may also be corroded or have physical damage to it. In vary rare instances there have been problems with the engine’s computer.

How to Fix Trouble Code P0042

Replacing the sensor is the simplest fix. You may have to repair or replace wiring or the fuse for bank 1 sensor 3. In very rare instances engine computer replacement has been required.  

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