P0040 - Oxygen Sensor Signals Swapped Bank 1 Sensor 1 / Bank 2 Sensor 1

About Trouble Code P0040

When the engine’s computer notices switched sensor signals for sensor 1 between bank 1 and bank 2 error code P0040 will occur. The computer may trigger failsafe mode during this particular problem.

Symptoms of Trouble Code P0040

The first thing that will be noticed is a flashing check engine light. There have been complaints of rough driving and decreased fuel economy. An overall sluggish feel and loss of power are also common.

Causes of Trouble Code P0040

Oxygen sensor signals being swapped can be caused by several things. The bank 1 sensor 1 and bank 2 sensor 1 connections have been switched or the oxygen sensor wiring may be crossed. There could be a short in the wiring for the oxygen sensor for the bank 1 sensors. If none of these are the cause, there could be a malfunction in the engine’s computer.

How to Fix Trouble Code P0040

The fix for trouble code P0040 is usually very simple, you just need to swap the connectors. However, you may need to install new connections all together or repair or replace any corroded or damaged wiring. You may also need to make sure there is no malfunction in the engine’s computer.

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