P0039 - Turbo/Super Charger Bypass Valve Control Circuit Range/Performance

About Trouble Code P0039

The definition of this trouble code varies by manufacturer. P0039 means proper engine operation isn’t occurring because of the inability to partially or completely relieve pressure. Generally, the problem is with the bypass system for the turbo or supercharger.

Symptoms of Trouble Code P0039

While driving, you may notice sluggishness during acceleration. There may be rattling or whining noises from the turbo or supercharger or pipes. You may notice a lot of excess exhaust smoke or heightened temperatures in the engine or transmission. There will be an overall lack of performance and a possible hissing sound from the turbo/supercharger or the hoses.

Causes of Trouble Code P0039

When pressure relief is not being sent through the bypass valve at a high enough psi, the boost information will cause the computer to issue trouble code P0039. There could also be a problem with pressure being to low, damaged hose clamps, a vacuum leak, or a loose or damaged hose.

How to Fix Trouble Code P0039

First, confirm the code is real by clearing it, taking the vehicle for a drive, and validating the code returns. If it does and the pressure is high, you will want to figure out if the valve is slightly or completely closed, making pressure build without release. You may need to replace the bypass valve. If you find that it is to low, commonly there is a leak in the intake from a damaged hose, a leaking vacuum or problems with a gasket. If there is no boost at all, the bypass valve may be stuck in an open position. You may also need to replace the pressure sensor.

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