P0027 - Exhaust Valve Control Solenoid Circuit Range/Performance (Bank 2)

About Trouble Code P0027

The engine’s computer determining that the variable valve lift for the exhaust valves on bank 1 of the engine takes too long to engage or doesn’t engage at all. It is important to note, Bank 1 refers to the side of the engine with cylinder one. You will want to check which side is correct according to specifications, usually it’s on the exhaust manifold side of the cylinder head.

Symptoms of Trouble Code P0027

When trouble code P0027 presents itself, the engine’s computer will trigger the check engine light. The driver may notice an overall lack of power depending on the failed position. While driving there may be stalling upon acceleration and the engine will more than likely run erratically.

Causes of Trouble Code P0027

Malfunctioning of the exhaust valve solenoid’s positioning will result in trouble code P0027. Other causes of this trouble code are an open or short circuit in the exhaust valve lift solenoid and damage or corrosion to the wiring or connections to the exhaust valve lift solenoid. A faulty engine computer can also cause this code to appear.

How to Fix Trouble Code P0027

Clearing the code and taking the vehicle for a drive will verify the code if it reappears. Check the integrity of the exhaust valve lift solenoid and replace if damaged. Inspect the wiring and connections to the exhaust valve lift solenoid for damage and corrosion, is seen replace. Still can’t pinpoint the problem, check the engine’s computer itself for malfunction.

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