P0013 - Exhaust Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit / Open (Bank 1)

About Trouble Code P0013

After scanning the engine’s computer, if you have trouble code P0013, it’s because of an open or short in the oil control valve. The bank 1 exhaust camshaft oil control valve has some sort of issue and the engine’s computer illuminates the check engine light to draw attention to it.

Symptoms of Trouble Code P0013

More than likely, the initial symptom will be the check engine light turning on. If the oil control valve has a short there may be a hard start. The driver may report a reduction of fuel efficiency or a rough drive and possible stalling during idle or driving times.

Causes of Trouble Code P0013

An issue in the positioning of the camshaft valve can cause trouble code P0013. If the bank 1 camshaft position Actuator circuit has a poor electrical connection or if it is stuck open it may also result in this trouble code. The engine’s computer may be telling the oil control valve to be lower than 80% of its duty cycle but the output is 100%. The computer could also be telling the oil control valve to move up to 70% but the output is lower than 3%.

How to Fix Trouble Code P0013

Resetting the error code and taking the vehicle for a drive will verify that the code is legitimate. Once verified you will want to look at the wiring of the camshaft oil control valve in bank 1. There may need to be a replacement to the oil control valve. Engine computer problems may also be the problem if the prior listed issues are not the trigger.

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