P0010 - Intake Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit / Open (Bank 1)

About Trouble Code P00010

If there is a problem with your engine’s mechanical variable valve timing you may see code P0010. A variation in the timing between the crankshaft and the Bank 1 camshaft will trigger the check engine light. It is usually found at high RPMs when the engine’s computer is trying to adjust the valve lift at higher speeds.

Symptoms of Trouble Code P0010

During inspection, if trouble code P0010 is present, the vehicle may fail the emissions inspection. Decreased idling quality and reduced fuel economy are also signs of this trouble code. There have also been reports of decreased engine performance at higher RPMs.

Causes of Trouble Code P0010

A lot of issues can cause the computer to give a trouble code of P0010. The engine timing could be out of sync. If the engine oil is exceptionally dirty, causing sludge, this could lead to a faulty oil valve and an error code P0010. Worn chains, gears, or wiring damage are common causes as well as crankshaft or camshaft sensor issues. If none of these are the issue, you should look at the internal quality of the engine’s computer and make sure the software is up to date.

How to Fix Trouble Code P0010

Verify the scan resulting in trouble code P0010 by clearing the code, driving the vehicle, and seeing if the error reoccurs. Give close inspection to the Bank 1 variable valve timing and the variable camshaft timing. Test the Oil Control Valve and ensure it does not require replacement. Wear and deterioration may be observed in the timing belt, which would require a replacement.

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