P0007 - Fuel Shutoff Valve Control Circuit High

About Trouble Code P0007

Trouble Code P0007 occurs when the engine’s computer finds a problem with the fuel shutoff valve. This valve prevents fuel from entering the engine when you turn it off. It is an uncommon code and is usually found in diesel engines.

Symptoms of Trouble Code P0007

The vehicle’s check engine light will be triggered, and the engine may be running poorly. The engine may continue to run after the key is turned off. The engine may not be able to build enough pressure and be unable to start. It has also been seen that stalling occurs while idling or driving.

Causes of Trouble Code P0007

There are several common causes for a trouble code P0007. There could be a damaged fuel shut off solenoid or solenoid relay. Corrosion or damage may be seen in the valve’s connector. A problem within the circuit of the fuel shut off solenoid can also trigger P0007. If it is none of these there may be a problem in the engine’s computer.

How to Fix Trouble Code P0007

Confirm the trouble code by clearing it, take the vehicle out for a drive, and see if the check engine light triggers for P0007. After confirmed, inspect the shut off solenoid and the connection. Make sure the solenoid is operating correctly and check the circuit. If all of this is ok, check the relay for problems. If no problem is found, it may be a fault in the engine’s computer.

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