P0006 - Fuel Shutoff Valve Control Circuit Low

About Trouble Code P0006

P0006 is a generic code that is rarely used by vehicle manufactures. It is found in diesel engines. Trouble code P0006 will be found when your engine’s computer is finding incorrect signals from the fuel shut off valve.

Symptoms of Trouble Code P0006

The check engine light will certainly be triggered; however, you may also witness the engine continuing to run after the key has been turned off. If the engine shuts off, it may not turn back on due to a lack of fuel pressure building. Stalling while driving is also seen with trouble code P0006.

Causes of Trouble Code P0006

When seeing P0006, there may be a short in the sensor connector or in the wire going to the engine’s computer. There could also be a defect within the fuel shut off valve. If all these problems check out, there could be a malfunction in the engine’s computer.

How to Fix Trouble Code P0006

Save yourself time and money and validate the code. Clear the trouble code, drive the vehicle, and see if code P0006 reoccurs. If it is legitimate, inspect the wiring and sensor connector. Finding no fault will result in further analysis of the fuel system and the computer. You may need to replace the fuel shutoff valve itself.

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