P0005 - Fuel Shutoff Valve Control Circuit / Open

About Trouble Code P0005

While it is highly unlikely to get a code P0005 because it is not specified for a certain make or model of vehicle, it is still possible you may run into it. This code is triggered when the engine’s computer finds that Fuel Shutoff Valve “A” Control Circuit is no longer within factory specifications.

Symptoms of Trouble Code P0005

There are very few symptoms of code P0005, due to the rarity of it occurring. The check engine light will, of course, trigger. Rare reports include the vehicle not starting and the engine stalling however, these are not commonly seen with this problem.

Causes of Trouble Code P0005

When receiving trouble code P0005, first check to make sure you are using the correct OBDII scanner for the vehicle’s make and model. Once accuracy is confirmed, there could be a faulty fuel pump shut off solenoid or ignition switch. There could also be a clogged fuel line or a short circuit between the ignition switch, fuel pump shut off solenoid or the engine’s computer. Lastly, there could be an issue within the engine’s computer itself.

How to Fix Trouble Code P0005

Due to the rarity of this trouble code, it is crucial to make sure it is a valid code by clearing it and driving the vehicle to see if it triggers again. If it does, check for a fault in the fuel pump shut off solenoid or the fuel pump itself. Check the engine’s computer for internal issues and make sure the there is not a short within the circuit of the computer, fuel pump shut off solenoid, and ignition switch.

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