P0001 - Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit / Open

About Trouble Code P0001

If trouble code P0001 occurs, it is because the engine’s computer senses a problem within the electrical circuit that connects to the fuel pressure regulator. The check engine light will be triggered when the computer finds a fault in the pressure regulation from the fuel pump to the engine.

Symptoms of Trouble Code P0001

While symptoms of this error code may be difficult for some people to observe for others it will be quite obvious. You may find that the gas tank is emptying quicker due to a loss in fuel economy. You may also notice that the exhaust is really showing itself, with black or white smoke. If the problem has not been noticed, you may end up with a stalling vehicle with poor engine performance.

Causes of Trouble Code P0001

There are many things that can lead you to trouble code P0001. There may be a disconnected plug to the fuel regulator. It may also derive from damage to sensor wiring in the engines computer, a damaged fuel pump, a leaking fuel pressure regulator, or even corrosion to the sensor connector.

How to Fix Trouble code P0001

Depending on the actual problem diagnosis, the solution may come in many forms. Looking into the most common repairs, you will want to start by connecting the vehicle to a professional scanning tool. This will verify the code. After that, clear the fault code to see if it returns and analyze the information that the engine’s computer has provided. Next, take it for a drive to see if the trouble code returns. Now we get to the process of elimination. A returning code means you need to inspect the vehicle for the possible causes listed above. There may need to be further diagnosis, analyzing the signals from the sensor will help determine where the problem exists. If there is no problem found within the signals, then it is time to look into the wiring and the computer itself. Once the issue is pinpointed, a replacement of the faulty piece should be done.

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